Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday July 18, 2009 Contact Plots on 17 & 20 Meters

I started my day in the shack working 17 meters,a band I'd literally forgot.

It's strange how you get in a habit of working some bands but neglect others, only to realize late how much you've missed. This was the case for me today. 17 Meters was clear and quiet but with very clean, strong signals from all around the compass. This was a very pleasant day in the shack with very good qso's. I'm definitely wont forget to work 17 meters again.
After 17 had quieted down, and I had gone up to the house to make Momma supper, I switched over to 20 Meters at about dusk, just in time to catch some good propagation into Northern Europe.

Conditions made it good to get contacts with Scotland, Norway(My First!), Northern Ireland, Spain & Portugal. 56 to 58 Signal reports were returned, Robbie in Northern Ireland was Q5 here using only 50 watts into a SteppIR 3 element yagi.

Afterward, I realized I had been transmitting all this time on 20, with only 20 Watts...I had forgotten to turn it up after tuning up! I guess I might of busted some pile-ups if I had been working with 100 watts. Grrrrr...'73 KI4HEE

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