Friday, June 22, 2012

Ham Radio Field Day 2012 is here!

The Scamp Shack in 2005... it'll do it again this weekend too!
The day of days of all of Ham Radio is upon us! Ham Radio Field Day! This weekend, June 23 & 24, Hams all across the nation take their Ham Radio gear and demonstrate operating under field conditions.

The versatile nature of Ham Radio... to set up and operate literally anytime, anywhere, is a valuable aspect of the hobby, and a vital skill of the Amateur Radio Service. From the beginning of radio, Hams have often served as last resort communicators in a disaster, and the ability hasn't lessened in importance today.
That's why the last weekend in June has been traditionally been field day, where Hams take to the field to set up tents, trailers, generators, antennas in the trees, and communicate all over the country.

 This weekend I'll be participating with my friends in the Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club as we set up field operations on the grounds of The American Red Cross Building on the old Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, in Myrtle Beach SC. We will be operating on several ham bands under our club callsign W4GS. Interested in finding out more about Ham Radio or even get a chance to operate? Come join us, we'll start setting up early Saturday morning and start operating by 2PM, and will be operating all night long and into Sunday afternoon. Stop by, have a burger & dog, cool drink and check out how it's done "in the field". '73 KI4HEE

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