Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zac Brown Band "Fox On The Run" Live!

I like things simple, and Zack Brown Band simply knows how to do a song good. This would be my favored way to travel if I had a Band Bus.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I got to post this... probably one of the most perfect examples of how a breakdown in communication can lead to serious consequences... I guess the moral of the story is if you're in a relationship, always remember to PAY ATTENTION.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Steve Senes...remember the'll hear it again.

Here's my friend Steve Senes, with a song from his homemade album. Steve plays all the instruments on his album, and plays them like no one else can. He truly is a fantastic musician.

You will no doubt hear of Steve again real soon. You see, Guitar Player Magazine has picked Steve to be a finalist to compete for it's "Guitar Superstar of 2009", a annual contest they hold that draws from hundreds of entries to decide the best guitar player of the year. Steve will soon fly to San Francisco to perform against 9 other guitarists to determine who is the best of the best. To be picked to compete as a finalist is a fantastic honor in itself, but to win it, who knows what fame & fortune it may bring.

Listen to this video n' you know why I THINK IT'S NO CONTEST.

Anyone who deserves such a honor is Steve, who is one of the nicest guys I ever had the pleasure of pickin' with, and especially coming to know him as a good friend. It will be a wonderful thing to say "I knew Steve back when..."

Good luck Steve, ...go show 'em how it's done...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul 1915 - 2009

As a Toddler, my earliest memories involve listening to music by Les Paul, who along with Chet Atkins, were my Dad's favorite guitarists. I would play all the records he had collected of Les & Chet, and were just as amazed at their talent. It was through the music on those records I came to love playing the guitar.

When I took up playing the guitar as a kid, I always wanted to own a Gibson Les Paul Guitar. I came close a couple of times, got to play one or two occasionally and revel in it's signature clean, clear sound.

But the most vivid memory I have of Les Paul was watching him in person demostrating his "Les Pulverizer" and wanting one that minute. I've always wondered why it never became publicly available, I'd still buy one today.

Chet Atkins, and now Les Paul...both gone now. But both still with us in what they left behind for us all to enjoy.

I can't help but post this video of them both, playing one of my Dad's favorites...San Antonio Rose

I know that we would live in a lesser world if we never had these two giants with their genius. But now with Les Paul's passing, I know that Chet & Les is now tearing it up, my father has a front row seat, and Heaven is ROCKIN'!

Via Con Dio's Les, and thank you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You can catch SSTV images from the ISS

A message sent by Marc, PD4U in Holland came this news tidbit... The Russians have started their MA-75 experiment again, and thus SSTV pictures can be received from the International Space Station in Robot36 on 145.800 MHz FM

Check out Marc's webpage for more info and some great photos taken from the International Space Station. SSTV Slow Scan Television is a early method of sending images via radio. Ham Operators use free software like MMSSTV to send and receive images. If you haven't tried it or seen it in action, by all means give it a try, especially if you can catch a SSTV QSL photo from NA1SS on the ISS.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Remains of missing Gulf War pilot found

As a fellow Gulf War Veteran, I wish to offer my condolences to those who can now have closure to a tragic loss, and salute a fellow warrior who has finally made it home.

RIP: Capt. Michael Scott Speicher USN
Capt. Michael Scott Speicher went missing the first night of Operation Desert Storm, when his F/A-18 went down in Iraq. The Navy announced August 2 that his remains had been located by Marines in Iraq's Anbar province.