Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul 1915 - 2009

As a Toddler, my earliest memories involve listening to music by Les Paul, who along with Chet Atkins, were my Dad's favorite guitarists. I would play all the records he had collected of Les & Chet, and were just as amazed at their talent. It was through the music on those records I came to love playing the guitar.

When I took up playing the guitar as a kid, I always wanted to own a Gibson Les Paul Guitar. I came close a couple of times, got to play one or two occasionally and revel in it's signature clean, clear sound.

But the most vivid memory I have of Les Paul was watching him in person demostrating his "Les Pulverizer" and wanting one that minute. I've always wondered why it never became publicly available, I'd still buy one today.

Chet Atkins, and now Les Paul...both gone now. But both still with us in what they left behind for us all to enjoy.

I can't help but post this video of them both, playing one of my Dad's favorites...San Antonio Rose

I know that we would live in a lesser world if we never had these two giants with their genius. But now with Les Paul's passing, I know that Chet & Les is now tearing it up, my father has a front row seat, and Heaven is ROCKIN'!

Via Con Dio's Les, and thank you.

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