Sunday, October 11, 2009

What does Acorn do with it;s money?

We all know that the Community Organization known as Acorn has been in the news lately, ever since videos showed some of it's personnel rendering aid & advice to two characters posing as a Pimp & Prostitute. It really gave the grass-roots community aid organization some very bad publicity.

Whether the videos were a set-up or not, the appearance of such activity sure paints a poor portrait of an organization which had been slated to receive billions in tax dollars.

Now that some of it's funding has been held up, surely the organization has to be curtailing some of the fine community work it is doing... but the real question is... just how much community aid the organization accomplishes with all the millions it has received over the years?

Tom Blumer at asks that question...and has some answers which will surprise you, and just maybe, put things in a proper perspective.

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